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Sikh History Of The Day 25-01-2014

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Announcement Sikh History Of The Day 25-01-2014

Post by perminder singh on Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:47 am

25th January

1921 Morcha of Taran Taran marked the beginning of Gurudwara Reform Movement. Hazara Singh became the first martyr of the movement.
The GurSikh reformers met with the priests of Taran Taran Gurudwara to negotiate conditions for reforms. While in the negotiation conference the GurSikhs were viciously attacked by the priests without any provocation. 17 GurSikhs were severely wounded and two GurSikhs, Hazara Singh and Hukam Singh were killed. Hazara Singh of village Aldinpur, descendent of Sardar Bhagel Singh was the first martyr to the cause of Gurudwara reform.

1922 Karam Singh of Daulatpur arranged diwan at Nawansehar.

1936 The Nankana Sahib Committee established the Guru Nanak Prachar Trust.
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