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Aj da mukhwak 20.03.13

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Announcement Aj da mukhwak 20.03.13

Post by Gurwinder Singh on Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:29 pm

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Punjabi viakhea

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English Translation:
That humble being, who knows even a little about loving devotional worship - what surprises are there for him? Like water, dripping into water, which cannot be separated out again, so is the weaver Kabeer, with softened heart, merged into the Lord. ||1|| O people of the Lord, I am just a simple-minded fool. If Kabeer were to leave his body at Benares, and so liberate himself, what obligation would he have to the Lord? ||1||Pause|| Says Kabeer, listen, O people - do not be deluded by doubt. What is the difference between Benares and the barren land of Maghar, if the Lord is within one's heart? ||2||3||
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