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Aj da mukhwak 15.03.13

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Announcement Aj da mukhwak 15.03.13

Post by Gurwinder Singh on Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:27 pm

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Punjabi Viakhea

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English Translation:
Raamkalee, Fifth Mehl: It is beyond the three qualities; it remains untouched. The seekers and Siddhas do not know it. There is a chamber filled with jewels, overflowing with Ambrosial Nectar, in the Guru's Treasury. ||1|| This thing is wonderful and amazing! It cannot be described. It is an unfathomable object, O Siblings of Destiny! ||1||Pause|| Its value cannot be estimated at all; what can anyone say about it? By speaking and describing it, it cannot be understood; only one who sees it realizes it. ||2|| Only the Creator Lord knows it; what can any poor creature do? Only He Himself knows His own state and extent. The Lord Himself is the treasure overflowing. ||3|| Tasting such Ambrosial Nectar, the mind remains satisfied and satiated. Says Nanak, my hopes are fulfilled; I have found the Guru's Sanctuary. ||4||4||
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