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Aj da mukhwak 09.03.13

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Announcement Aj da mukhwak 09.03.13

Post by Gurwinder Singh on Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:49 pm

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Punjabi Viakhea

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English Translation:
Goojaree, First Mehl: From the lotus of Vishnu's navel, Brahma was born; He chanted the Vedas with a melodious voice. He could not find the Lord's limits, and he remained in the darkness of coming and going. ||1|| Why should I forget my Beloved? He is the support of my very breath of life. The perfect beings perform devotional worship to Him. The silent sages serve Him through the Guru's Teachings. ||1||Pause|| His lamps are the sun and the moon; the One Light of the Destroyer of ego fills the three worlds. One who becomes Gurmukh remains immaculately pure, day and night, while the self-willed manmukh is enveloped by the darkness of night. ||2|| The Siddhas in Samaadhi are continually in conflict; what can they see with their two eyes? One who has the Divine Light within his heart, and is awakened to the melody of the Word of the Shabad - the True Guru settles his conflicts. ||3|| O Lord of angels and men, infinite and unborn, Your True Mansion is incomparable. Nanak merges imperceptibly into the Life of the world; shower Your mercy upon him, and save him. ||4||2||
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